Detailed introduction:

Outdoor cabinet is a highly integrated energy storage system

Flexible arrangement, convenient installation and maintenance

Support remote online upgrade to achieve unattended


  Multiple devices in parallel to form a small & medium energy storage system easily

Meet the needs of peak load shifting, dynamic capacity increase, demand management, backup power, etc

Compatible with user-side and power-side energy storage applications

Items 230kWh
Rated energy 230.4kWh
Rated voltage DC768V
Voltage range 648876V
Rated capacity 300Ah
Max.charge / discharge current 150A
PCS / EMS 70 /140kW
Cell type LFP (LiFeO4)
IP grade IP54
Size (W*H*D) 1165*2300*1725mm 
Battery certificates CE / IEC62619 

LPBES Series Datasheet

LPBES Series Installation Manual


LPBES Series Warranty

LPBES Series Inverter Compatibility Declaration